Banani Primary Curriculum

The Curriculum

Banani Primary School uses the Zambian syllabus.  Other educational materials, both from within and outside Zambia, are used to supplement the Zambian syllabus.  The children learn about the major religions of the world.  In recognition of the need to use and understand the ever-advancing technology, the older pupils participate in a computer program once a week.  Physical Education is held regularly.  Swimming takes place when the weather is conducive.  At other times of the year, the pupils participate in games and other exercises suitable for their age.

Assessment/Progress Report

At every end of the term Parents receive a report.  It shows work that the child has covered.  We clearly indicate the progress the child has made.  It may also point out what we intend to do with the child in the other terms ahead.  Behaviour and child’s cleanliness is also reflected in the report.  Parents are consulted immediately if a child is finding difficulties in a particular subject area.  We also encourage parents to visit our classrooms in order to see for themselves what goes on in the classroom.

Book Library

We have an expanding assortment of books for all ages in the school library.  Pupils are encouraged to take books home to read to either their parents or brothers and sisters.

Extra Curricular Activities

i) Service Project – Pupils are encouraged to develop an attitude of willingness to give service to humanity.  At the moment, the older children are going to Liteta Basic School, and assisting with the development of the language skills of a Grade 2 class.

ii) Field Trips – Teachers select interesting and educational places to visit once towards the end of each term.  Fun Fairs, Arts Festivals and Science Fairs are some of the other activities that our school takes part in, usually in conjunction with other private schools in Lusaka.  Parents are usually invited to accompany the children if they wish.