‘A’ level studies demand a degree of concentration and focus that may not always be easy to achieve in busy day schools with city life distractions. This makes Banani the ideal school for A level studies. At Banani School, our A level students will be part of the daily life of the campus while still being offered a degree of independence and responsibility. As part of our character development program, our A level students are given the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the direction they want their life and studies to take them and to build the skills necessary to operate the modern and sometimes challenging world beyond the school gates.


Strands 1 & 2

BiologyChemistryMathematicsEnglish or ICT
PhysicsChemistryMathematicsEnglish or ICT
Suitable for medicine and engineering

Strands 3 & 4

Business StudiesICTMathematicsEnglish
Business StudiesICTHistoryEnglish
Suitable for business, economics, journalism, humanities