Banani International School aims to provide a high standard of education for girls of diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.  The school strives to create a positive, dynamic and clean environment within which students can develop their potential in the areas of academic knowledge, practical skills, physical fitness, and moral responsibility. 

Students are encouraged to use a rational, scientific approach to problem solving, both in and outside of the classroom; to think independently and to express themselves clearly and honestly within the bounds of courtesy and respect. In order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, students are counseled to approach personal challenges with courage, tolerance, flexibility, and an open mind.

The Banani motto – “Let Your Vision Be World Embracing” – expresses itself through an awareness of the community, both on a global and local level.  Our students acquire a global vision, but act locally to address the needs of the community in which they live.  The concept of service is an integral part of the personal development of each student.