About Banani International School

Banani International School is a private, not for profit residential school for girls from Grades 6 through 12. Established in 1993 and registered with the Ministry of Education , it is governed by the Board of Directors of the William Mmutle Masetlha Foundation and administered by the Principal.

The decision to open a school only for girls was based on education statistics of Zambia, which revealed that the strength of girls lagged far behind boys in the secondary schools across Zambia.  The Masetlha Foundation considers the education of girls an indispensable element of human development, one that must be vigorously pursued in Africa if the material and spiritual progress of the continent is to be accelerated.  Furthermore, as a non-profit organization based on the principles of the Bahá’í Faith, the Foundation and the School subscribe strongly to the Bahá’í principle of equality of women and men, that without equal status and a full partnership in human affairs, civilization cannot advance.