Banani International Secondary School is a private boarding school for girls in Grades 5 through 12.  The school was established in 1993, providing academic excellence with a high standard of education and other enriching life experiences for girls of diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

The school’s philosophy is based on the principles of the Bahá’’í Faith, which revolve around the oneness of mankind, the important role of women in modern society, development of moral character, removal of all forms of prejudice, and service to others as a necessary part of personal development.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”

– (Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh)

As the world we live in becomes increasingly complex and interdependent, Banani students are prepared for active participation in society.

Academic excellence, combined with personal and moral development, set the stage for constructive and positive personal interaction, both locally and globally.

Core Principles and Values

– Vision of a Global Community: The consciousness of the oneness of humankind – that students view themselves as citizens of an international, global community and that this realization is a prerequisite to achieving world peace.

Moral and Spiritual Education: Recognition that moral and spiritual training is a basic foundation and that this side of human nature needs development for the growth of a healthy, balanced person.  Students are exposed to the sacred writings of the major world religions and are educated in the acquisition of virtues and good character.

– Excellence in the Pursuit of Knowledge: An understanding that knowledge is a tool that unlocks the secrets of creation and that striving for excellence in this area demonstrates a desire to fulfil one’s intellectual potential.

– Service: Service is regarded as another foundation principle through which students are able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and character training in practical, relevant applications to the service of humanity.

– Respect: A positive regard for one another and an attitude of reverence for the natural environment.  Respect implies freedom from prejudice and an appreciation of our racial, religious, national, and social diversity.

– Equality of Women and Men: Students are taught that one of the requisites for the progress of civilization and the attainment of world peace is the equal opportunity for women and men to develop their potential in an environment of mutual respect and co-operation.  The young women of Banani Secondary School explore how they can contribute to society as equal partners with men.

– Consultation: The communication skills of consultation and working together in groups are viewed as essential tools for the development of individual, family, and community life.  Students practice these skills in all aspects of life at Banani Secondary School.

– Individual Investigation: Individual investigation of truth is encouraged by emphasizing creative and critical thinking abilities whereby students learn to analyze data and diverse points of view and arrive at their own conclusions.

– Self-Discipline: Students are provided with a set of physical, moral, and intellectual disciplines and guidelines within which they are safe to develop and explore their own personal growth.  The objective of discipline is to train students to achieve a mature sense of personal responsibility and inner self-control.